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Does Jefferson County Need a Toll Road?

Citizens of Jefferson County support smart progress, while also preserving the heritage and character of our community. The Suncoast Connector expressway or toll road that’s being pushed by special interests and members of the Florida legislature does nothing to enhance the quality of life for Jefferson County citizens. The toll road expressway is a self-contained system that bypasses communities, much like a high-speed rail with the purpose of speed and distance. Nowhere in the proposals will you find economic data supporting job creation or economic development.

Anyone who takes a serious look at the M-CORES proposals will quickly find unfounded and hollow promises of growth and prosperity. It’s nothing more than a public relations spin that we cannot afford as a community to believe.

Citizens for Responsible Government of Jefferson County opposes the Suncoast Connector Toll Road expressway coming into or around any community in Jefferson County. Help us win the fight to preserve our county’s heritage and history by making a donation today.

Your contribution of $10, $25, $100 or more, will go directly towards our education campaign supporting local efforts to get our message out to refute misinformation and to empower our neighbors, citizens, and friends as they take on rich industries who have self-serving motives to exploit the charm and character of our community.

Any amount is appreciated and will have a direct impact; protecting and preserving our wonderful community. THANK YOU!

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