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The Jefferson County Board of Commissioners voted to strike any further planning and expenditure of County Funds on the Duke Bike Trail Project, October 3, 2019.  After overwhelming opposition to the ill-conceived, grossly exaggerated and detrimental idea hatched by Commission Chair Betsy Barfield, Commissioners Surles, Hall and Fulford voted to terminate the project. 

This was a major victory for the entire citizenry of Jefferson County as it was indisputably proven that further action would obligate the county to millions of dollars, harm property owners, and duplicate bike trials already surrounding the proposal. 

Citizens for Responsible Government of Jefferson County President Doug Darling questioned why the county was paying to improve a private land-owner’s property (Duke) with a “Trail to Nowhere.” Over a dozen Jefferson County citizens attended the commission meeting to question why Chair Barfield wanted to single-handedly push this project and deceive taxpayers about the true costs and rationale for the trail? 

Commissioners Surles, Hall and Fulford are to be commended for injecting common sense into this issue and saving the citizens millions of taxpayer funds, avoiding litigation and protecting Jefferson County residents.

Check out the full story in the Monticello News article, Bike Trail Bites the Dust.

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