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We, the citizens of Jefferson County, are demanding more leadership, accountability and integrity from our JeffCo public officials.

Jefferson County is one of most beautiful areas in the nation, attracting a diversity of people who share our common desire to live, work and enjoy our unique community. However, despite the beauty and attractiveness of Jefferson County, we have for too long endured a reputation as one of the poorest communities in Florida: Not just poor financially, but also poor in vision, leadership and transparency.

Citizens for Responsible Government of Jefferson County (CRG) is a newly formed countywide coalition of citizens who are determined and dedicated to changing our county’s reputation for the better. For too long, county government has operated with little, to no regard for codes of conduct, Sunshine Laws and ethics.


Most recent failure to the people of Jefferson County: The County choose not to notify JeffCo property owners and taxpayers impacted by the proposed Duke rail corridor. Instead, certain county commissioners chose to notify Leon and Thomas county bikers instead. In a community as close as ours, there’s no excuse for this lack of respect for hard-working Jeffersonians. Another example is the County doesn’t publicly feature the fiscal budget on its website: A vast majority of counties do this as part of being transparent and accountable, but not in our county.

Enough is Enough! You can make a difference today by signing up for our CRG Newsletter to get the latest information, happenings, alerts and reports. The more the people of Jefferson County are informed, the harder it will be for government to operate behind the scenes.


If you have any questions or you want to report a matter you can email us at:

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