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Leaders of the Jefferson Progress and Preservation Committee announced today, a citizen referendum to stop the proposed toll road in Jefferson County. The Jefferson Progress and Preservation Committee is a 527 Organization, formed in order to make sure the Citizens’ of Jefferson County, Florida have a voice in local issues, including the Suncoast Connector Toll Road.  The countywide, grassroots referendum is in the process of collecting over 1000 signatures from Jefferson County registered voters.   These signatures will meet the petition requirement to place the referendum on the November 2020 ballot. 

The Jefferson Progress and Preservation Committee has already collected over 200 signatures in just a few short days.  Once the requisite number of signatures have been certified by the county supervisor of elections, the referendum will be put before the Jefferson County Board of Commissioners, who will ultimately decide to place the referendum on the ballot.  PAC leaders are optimistic of getting their citizen referendum before the Jefferson County voters and passing it during the November elections.

“We have some county commissioners who are listening more to corporate special interests in Tallahassee than their own citizens in Jefferson County. Our citizen referendum is a vehicle to not only demonstrate the power of the silent majority, but to fight against the unnecessary and destructive Suncoast Connector Toll Road,” said Michele Arceneaux, president of the Jefferson Progress and Preservation Committee. “We look forward to getting the referendum certified so we can launch our Vote Yes campaign and prevent the proposed Suncoast Connector Toll Road  from entering Jefferson County.”

The PAC has been circulating petitions with the approved ballot language:

The citizens of Jefferson County want to preserve the rural heritage, rich environment and quality of life of our community. Therefore, passage of this citizen’s referendum directs the Board of County Commissioners of Jefferson County to pass a 2020 resolution, respectfully requesting the Florida Legislature to remove the statutory mandate to terminate the Suncoast Connector in Jefferson County.

Commissioner J.T. Surles Signing Citizen Referendum

Two county commissioners have already signed the referendum petition: Commissioner J.T. Surles who is the current Chairman and Commissioner Stephen Walker. These two Commissioners embody the concept of representative government. Both have listened carefully to constituents and voted in opposition to Jefferson County being the terminus for the toll road. They are true public servants and deserve our support.

“Our PAC is for smart progress and economic development that doesn’t destroy our unique rural community and local businesses,” stated Mike Willis, Treasurer of the PAC. “You look around town and you see a bustling economy that’s growing organically and sustainably.  Believing that a Toll Road is some ‘Economic Magic Wand’ is irresponsible, short-sighted and misguided.   I-10 did more harm than good for this community’s economy.   A road to nowhere isn’t what our community needs now or in the future, and we’re fighting to preserve our Jefferson County way of life,” concluded Willis.

For more information about the Toll Road initiative you can click HERE.

To sign the petition and get a No Toll Road Sign to put in your yard, you can contact the PAC by email at   

Be sure to “Follow” the latest developments on the Toll Road with the Facebook Group:  Jefferson Against the Toll Road.

About Citizens for Responsible Government of Jefferson County (CRG)

CRG was founded by Jefferson County residents for the purpose of establishing accountability, integrity and transparency in our local county government.   CRG’s mission is to expose unethical actions and questionable governance, when/where, it becomes evident.  Our mission is also to support current and future county officials who are champions of open and honest government.  We will ask the tough questions in the public square to keep less than honorable county officials’ answerable to the people of Jefferson County.

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